Tuesday, March 22, 2011

An Angel for Angie

Our first featured 31 Dresses princess is a sweet little girl,
Angie Castillo Martinez, who is four years old.

Angie was found in a trash bag lying in a ditch on July 27th of 2006, with her umbilical cord still attached to her.

Angie’s angel, Eucevia, saw the bag after hearing dogs barking and coming to investigate what was upsetting them. When Eucevia heard the cries of a baby, she called for her daughter, Michaela, to call the police. Angie was rushed to emergency and placed in foster care after she was release while her story was being investigated.

Eucevia’s heart had already been captured by this sweet little princess who she found left all alone. What Angie’s angel later found out was that this little princess was also the sweet babe of her cousin whohad decided she didn’t want Angie. Angie’s birth mother even denied the birth of her daughter to her family and refused help to regain custody of her little girl.

While Angie was still in foster care she was often visited by Eucevia and her family, who were later awarded full custody of Angie. They have embraced her as one of their own and she is loved by all of her family.

Unfortunately, they are dealing with hardships of their own; Angie’s dad, Elais, is diabetic and they have five other children still in school. When diabetes takes its toll and Elais is too sick to work, he is unable to provide for his family.

After reading about Angie and her family, my heart was so blessed by their unconditional love and support of each other and the joy and happiness that they share as a family.

The Lord truly has His hand of protection upon our little Angie. To hear of her laughter and joy and the happiness she brings others, I am reminded of some of my favorite scriptures...

Nehemiah 8:10 The joy of the Lord is my strength.

When we are weak and alone, He is there to lead, guide and strengthen us and those surrounding us.

Jeremiah 29:11 For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the Lord, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future

I pray she is reminded once again how much Jesus loves her and that His loving arms will protect her and her family through all situations and circumstances that may arise. What an amazing testimony she already has!

Thank you Jessica and sweet little Nellie Grace for sponsoring Angie through your 31 Dresses purchase. God is mindful to provide always! Thank you for being a willing vessel in His kingdom!

If you know of a little girl who might benefit from 31 Dresses, please visit my page to learn how to nominate them here.


Chocolate PolkaDots said...

What a incredible heart wrenching story! Thank you for sharing!!! So awesome!!!! So glad you could send her a dress!!!!!!!

stephanie bahena said...

I had the pleasure of meeting her and she is in a loving environment

Amanda Martinez said...

thank you for sharing her story:) when i told her she would receive a surprise package in the mail...she was excited. Thank you for all you do, and everybody's prayers...and thank you Jessica McMillen and Nellie Grace for sponsoring her-I know she appreciates it...

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