Tuesday, August 14, 2012

New Places and New Prices!

I know it has been a while since I blogged last!  
What's new =)  

LOL...It's summer, the kids are home, we moved 
The Funky Frog to Main Street!!! 

Don't you just love the Ruby Loop front display window!
 AND....we moved into a new house, thank you Jesus!!!  We have been waiting so long it seems, but we are so happy here and feel like it is all a blessing from the Lord!

Which means I now have a HUGE studio that doesn't take over my families living room and dining room!!!  Of course if you follow us on facebook, this is not news to you. =)

Thankfully my studio no longer looks like this and I was able to sew today!!!  =)  I will post photos of that next time I have a bit of time to spare =)

Here goes!  Fall is going to be here shortly and the kids are back to school soon...and I mentioned we have a new house...along with it a raise in payment...so I have to get to work and boost SALES or hubby says I might have to get a "real job"  with steady money!!!  Oh no!!!  So I am looking to increase productivity, sales and my customers happiness!  (LOL...the above picture I just had to throw in somewhere!  It makes me laugh every time I see it =)  One of my besties totally photo bombed our photo...gotta love her!)

This is what I have in mind to accomplish that!
I also need your HELP!!!

I need some creative thinkers out there! =) 
I am working on the new price points for custom ordering. There will be two ways to custom order in the future...aside from our SURPRISE fabric of the week.

My goal is to have a catchy name that will allow new and frequent shoppers to easily understand the difference between the two order concepts and their price

points. I will have these descriptions available, but not everyone always can see/find them easily.

For now we will call them Custom 1 and Custom 2 until a better name set is found!

Custom 1 - when ordering you will be able to select one fabric or fabric grouping, that I have available, and select the style of skirt, dress or outfit/item you would like. I have creative liberties for use of other fabrics and what to do with them. Turn over on these items will be a bit faster since I don't have to go back and forth for approvals. You will see a slightly lower price for the time saved and shipping is included in the price!

Custom 2 - with this custom, it will be as it has been in the past. You can select your style of skirt, dress or outfit/item and fabrics. I will okay additional fabrics used with you through sending photos of the fabric design layout that I intend to create. You have a bit more control and involvement in the design process and there is quite a bit more time involved, so the turn over of this order will potentially be a bit longer as well. The prices on these orders are what I currently have Ruby Loop custom orders set at and shipping charges to apply to each item as in the past.

I was thinking Custom Liberty and Custom Premium...but I don't think I am in love with that....I put way too much thought into names sometimes...so I thought I would ask for your thoughts and opinions!!! Thanks!!!


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