Sunday, April 10, 2011

3000 fans and counting!

I am so excited to have hit the 3000 fan mark! How amazing it is to see so many new faces loving Ruby Loop! I know that every one has their own reason for "likeing" our Ruby Loop page.

I have found there are several categories of people on the facebook boutique page.

The buyer fan, one who loves to shop online and boutique for that amazing OOAK custom creation. Our beloved "buyer" is our dear friend who makes our little "boutique world," as I like to call it, go round! With out you there would be no reason to celebrate success, to hold amazing THANK YOU giveaways or have rushes of excitement when we see the most adorable and amazing fan photos posted of your princesses showing off Ruby Loop!

The reason I am most thankful for you, the "buyer," is you make my dreams possible and you make 31 Dresses possible, allowing dreams to come true for so many little girls everywhere!

There are also the random auntie, grandma, co-worker, friend of a friend who you all begged to go like this page and vote for your kid in a contest fans here! might have hidden us the moment you "liked" or "fanned" the page...depending what phase facebook was in at that time. We are glad to have you anyway! We hope that you enjoy seeing all the cuties showing off how cute they make Ruby Loop look as much as we do!

The boutique fan, one who "likes" a page to see the other amazing and inspiring creative designers who are out there. As the boutique, you may love to share your insights and inspirations with others in hopes to encourage them in their own dreams, like me!!!
Or you might feel a bit intimidated and hold on to all of your "secrets" afraid someone might come along and do better than you! If that is your fear, just remember that the Lord has blessed us all with different talents and there is not one person in the world who can supply for all of the little girls out there! Don't be afraid to share your knowledge, encourage those who aspire to be like you or would love to feel the excitement that you do when you have just created something amazing and someone else loves it too!

I have found so many amazing designer friends through Ruby Loop! Here are a few that are contributing to our upcoming 3000 GIVEAWAY!!!! and Show offs contest!
Night Owl

Chocolate Polkadots

Forty Toes Photography

What type of Ruby Loop fan are you? Browser, buyer, buddy, boutique? No matter! We are thrilled to have you as a part of our 3000 and counting fans on facebook and hope that you might feel a smile coming on every so often when you see a Ruby Loop post!

Thank you!!! And I hope to see lots of you enter and win some amazing goodies in our up coming 3000 GIVEAWAY!!!

HUGS and God bless!


Anonymous said...

I just came across your page on facebook and read your recent blog post while I am a super new "liker" one of my way of getting here and staying aren't listed on your post LOL I actually saw your info. tab and was inspired by you sharing your faith and scriptures you are blessed and honoring God all at the same time, I look forward to seeing your newest creations and what God's doing in your life and business, God Bless You,
-Theresa/Cute Cover Personalized Bible Covers on facebook

Amie Kelp said...

Thank you Theresa!
God deserves all the Glory! I love your page too! =) ~Amie

chrissie b said...

so besides emailing you our pics & liking all the sponsors what else do i need to do??-chrissie

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