Tuesday, March 1, 2011

So near and dear

I feel so blessed. What more can I say? I serve a real God who is always on time and mindful of our every need. So thoughtful of us that He provides the desires of our hearts too!

For a few years I have tried different ways to give back through Ruby Loop. To share His blessings that have abundantly fallen in my lap, with others. I thought about little girls in orphanages who have no mommies and daddies. I was inspired by an organization called "Little Dresses for Africa." I prayed and diligently asked the Lord what I should do with this desire. This is His work and I wanted His hand to guide it, form the thoughts into what He could work with.

As I thought of my own families situation. My husband not having worked for the last several years, being let go from the auto industry and going back to school so that he can find a career in a stable, if there is such a thing, job environment. My girls have never suffered for lack of anything. They talk about us being poor and I shake my head. We are not rolling in money, but we are far from even understanding what it is to be poor. I try to explain to them that we are blessed and we have fallen on hard times, but it is for a season and even still, we are NEVER found wanting. The Lord has us right where He needs us.

I thought of our economy, not just here in Michigan, but everywhere. There are many families who are in situations that are far worse off than ours. Yes there are little girls in Africa, little orphan "Annie's" need to be reminded too that Jesus loves them, but there are so many little girls out there, everywhere, who might feel alone and afraid. They might be battling an illness that might threaten to take their life. A little girl who has lost a mommy or a daddy, their house or a best friend. A little girl who simply doesn't know yet, Jesus loves her and she is a princess of the most high King! That tugs on my heart. I knew that through the amazing world of facebook and my Ruby Loop page, that I couldn't reach everyone, but I can let the Lord bring them to me!

I am so thankful to those of you who have sent in nominations for 31 Dresses, so far we have fulfilled every one of them! Please continue to send me nominations of little girls through the CONTACT US tab on my Ruby Loop page.

Thank you to everyone who has made a $75 purchase which allows me to gift one of our nominations a dress. It brings me such joy when you go out of your way to add on something to hit that $75 mark so you can help another little girl. Those of you who have purchase dresses outright for sponsorship, or donated your gift certificates. Donations of fabric and friends who have offered to help me make dresses for these girls. Amazed!!! I am so thankful that you all have embraced this ministry and are so eager to help bless and reach out to something that is so near and dear to my heart!

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