Sunday, November 25, 2012

Cyber Monday SALE!!!

I hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving!!! 

If you haven't been following us on Facebook, you might have missed a couple exciting events going on right now!

Christmas Cuties Ruby Loop show OFFS contest  
is now open for entering your favorite shots showing off your cuties wearing their favorite Ruby Loop and how great they make us look!  

Post your photo on our Facebook page or email your entries to  For every 10 entries I will be giving away a Ruby Loop gift certificate!  More information will be posted in in the Show OFFS contest album regarding the prizes and other details.

Don't have any Ruby Loop yet to show off?  
Don't miss our current SALE going on through Cyber Monday!!!  

There is one day left for you to take advantage of our 25% off all ready to ship items, plus get a FREE M2M bow with every clothing item ordered!  All ready to ship items ordered will ship for $4.95 regardless of order size!

Check out our Facebook page for our current full selections that are ready to ship or shop direct from our big cartel shop! 


Merry and Bright!

 I Believe Collection

Gift Certificates are always available too!

These are just a few of the Holiday items available!  Don't miss out on our full selections ready to ship or place your custom order now to ensure Christmas delivery!

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

New Places and New Prices!

I know it has been a while since I blogged last!  
What's new =)  

LOL...It's summer, the kids are home, we moved 
The Funky Frog to Main Street!!! 

Don't you just love the Ruby Loop front display window!
 AND....we moved into a new house, thank you Jesus!!!  We have been waiting so long it seems, but we are so happy here and feel like it is all a blessing from the Lord!

Which means I now have a HUGE studio that doesn't take over my families living room and dining room!!!  Of course if you follow us on facebook, this is not news to you. =)

Thankfully my studio no longer looks like this and I was able to sew today!!!  =)  I will post photos of that next time I have a bit of time to spare =)

Here goes!  Fall is going to be here shortly and the kids are back to school soon...and I mentioned we have a new house...along with it a raise in I have to get to work and boost SALES or hubby says I might have to get a "real job"  with steady money!!!  Oh no!!!  So I am looking to increase productivity, sales and my customers happiness!  (LOL...the above picture I just had to throw in somewhere!  It makes me laugh every time I see it =)  One of my besties totally photo bombed our photo...gotta love her!)

This is what I have in mind to accomplish that!
I also need your HELP!!!

I need some creative thinkers out there! =) 
I am working on the new price points for custom ordering. There will be two ways to custom order in the future...aside from our SURPRISE fabric of the week.

My goal is to have a catchy name that will allow new and frequent shoppers to easily understand the difference between the two order concepts and their price

points. I will have these descriptions available, but not everyone always can see/find them easily.

For now we will call them Custom 1 and Custom 2 until a better name set is found!

Custom 1 - when ordering you will be able to select one fabric or fabric grouping, that I have available, and select the style of skirt, dress or outfit/item you would like. I have creative liberties for use of other fabrics and what to do with them. Turn over on these items will be a bit faster since I don't have to go back and forth for approvals. You will see a slightly lower price for the time saved and shipping is included in the price!

Custom 2 - with this custom, it will be as it has been in the past. You can select your style of skirt, dress or outfit/item and fabrics. I will okay additional fabrics used with you through sending photos of the fabric design layout that I intend to create. You have a bit more control and involvement in the design process and there is quite a bit more time involved, so the turn over of this order will potentially be a bit longer as well. The prices on these orders are what I currently have Ruby Loop custom orders set at and shipping charges to apply to each item as in the past.

I was thinking Custom Liberty and Custom Premium...but I don't think I am in love with that....I put way too much thought into names I thought I would ask for your thoughts and opinions!!! Thanks!!!

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Blog contest WINNER!!!

So excited to finally have figured out how to see the WINNER for our first 
rafflecopter contest!

 Congratulations to Marlana and Makayla!!! 
This little cutie is about to have an amazing Alice in Wonderland birthday too!  What perfect timing for her wish of 5 Ruby Loopty, as Makayla calls us, lol, boxes for her birthday!  Winning this SURPRISE dress will get her one box closer to her birthday wishes!

Ruby Loop girls of the week!

Isn't she a cutie!  Makayla's mom just recently sent us an adorable photo of her going to Elmo LIVE in her Ruby Loop crazy twirly outfit!   
Glad we can add to her Ruby Loop wardrobe!  
Expect to see more of this little cutie!

Love Charlotte in this dress!  
Thank you Meghan for sharing how well our dresses 
grow with them so perfectly! 

Charlotte in her dress at 5 months and now at 18 months!  

 What a Sweet Tweet!  Kayla is ready for church in her Ruby Loop that she picked up at our boutique in The Funky Frog Children's resale boutique. So excited that we will be venturing to a new location soon! 

SURPRISE fabric of the week!
Don't miss out on this VERY limited SURPRISE dress/skirt fabric!  Click on photo to take you to ordering details!  
If you would like to order and are not on facebook, email me at

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Summer in full swing!

I love summer!  The kiddos are home, sprinklers are on, lemons are squeezed, laughter and games all day long!  LOL...okay, so it's not magazine perfect everyday, but there are some days you just sit back and think, yes!  I have arrived, God is so good to me!  =)

I love some of these great summer photos sent to me showing off your Ruby Loop! Send me your photos for the chance to be featured!

Love this "Maycie" dress, which has been our most popular dress this summer!  Bailie Kay is beautiful in these colors!!!  She shows off our Citrus Summer Garden perfectly!  

Miranda is adorable in her "Miranda" bloomers!  Yes, the Miranda bloomers were named after her!!!  I would love a picture of her closet!  LOL...I know it is busting with Ruby Loop and a package on the way too for her and her sisters!

Have you taken advantage of our SURPRISE dress of the week yet?  I have tried to offer one fabric selection a week, as my order load allows, at a great deal!  SURPRISE Skirts start at $15 and Dresses start at $25 and are offered in infant through girls 12/14!  Each Sunday/Monday the fabric changes in our bigcartel shop and they are limited!   The dresses are often OOAK (one of a kind) and always very Ruby Loop! 

This week was "Cherry Festival" and they are too cute so far!  I do have enough fabric for maybe one more dress or a couple skirts!  Once I start posting finished products, I won't take anymore surprise orders!

 This was one of our "Sweet Shop" vintage kids SURPRISE dresses!  Isn't she precious!!!  I have so much fun with these!  I love having total creative liberties and sometimes go a little over the top!  Love the little poms, buttons and ribbon accents on the cute pocket!

Have to show off my little cuties too!  They have been in Illinois for the first two weeks of summer vacation with my mom!  I miss them terribly!!!

Tillie Belle loved the ducks at our little "photo shoot."  I have to laugh when I call it that, I am by no means a photographer!  I need to come up with a name for my little photo adventures with my kiddos! 

Every time I talk to Tillie I tell her I miss her!  She replies, "I miss you too momma, but I am smiling....see!"  LOL...I can hear her smile on the other end!

Saturday can't come soon enough!  Hope your summer is off to a great start and that you are finding lots of adventures with your kiddos, creating the memories they will remember for a lifetime!  Hug and squeeze them while you can!  They grow up too fast!  Precious little gifts from God that we have!

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Just in time for Summer!!!

I am so excited to finally and officially introduce to you the "Stella" style dress and all of it's amazing twirlability, flirty fun!  

A feminine ruffle collar, a cinched waist and a double twirl skirt with yards and yard of ruffles create the perfect dress for a girl of any age!  Put a petti skirt underneath and you have the perfect party dress!

I love this Retro Rockets fabric that completes the vintage feel, with pink and red polka dots that are bursting with summer fun!  

I love pink and red together...I remember growing up it used to be so taboo unless it was Valentines day or Hello I can't think of a better way to display polka dots....unless it is pink and orange!  That is a different dress though =)

Don't you love this necklace too!  It is a perfect match and from Little Addie's Boutique!  If you stop by her page, please be sure to say hello from Ruby Loop!

Does your little firecracker have a tiny bff?  Don't forget a Ruby Loop doll dress to match for her American Girl, Waldorf, bunny love, or who ever has captured her heart and is her favorite secret keeper! 

We haven't forgotten the LitTle gUy in your life either!  Isn't he such a cutie!  LitTle tiEs 4 LitTle gUys are available in our bigcartel shop too for guys of all ages!  You can also order the same fabric bow on a headband for sister or mom if you don't want traditional loopy bows!

Summer is all about explosion and celebration, at time to be carefree and act like you are a kid....nothing matters!!!  So be sure to have at least one over the top accessory this year that will make every one know you are serious about not being so serious!  

A big thank you to Jennifer and Stella...of course little Ronnie too! from Forty Toes Photography for amazing photos!

 And with that I will sign off!  Here's to a safe and happy summer, the sweetest watermelon, tart lemonade, laughter with friends and the protection of sunscreen!

Monday, June 4, 2012

The ever changing face of facebook! This calls for a GIVEAWAY!

Facebook is at it again...changing things up and this time it REALLY is making a change!  Since they went public and now want us to start paying PER post for our fans to see what we are up to...people who have "liked" or "fan"ned our pages, now have to take an extra step and subscribe to a page to ensure they see the posts.

Who knows if that will work in the long run too!  I have noticed our page activity is WAY down...I miss some of my favorite people!  Are you there?????  Just makes a girl wanna scream!  hehehe...not really, I just had to use this photo! 

 Sweet n Sassy Maycie Dress

Well, yes, I know you get what you pay for...but honestly I don't want to pay fb to show X amount of people and hope that it hits the right people who actually want to see Ruby Loop!  Let's be honest, about 75% of those who have liked the page are probably from a contest or giveaway and have already hidden Ruby Loop! not offended, I do it too!  Shhhhhhh ;)

But for those of you who really do LOVE Ruby Loop, I totally want to be able to share with you what we have!  I figure that this might open a door for a GIVEAWAY!  LOL...Yes! I LOVE to give to those who love Ruby Loop!!!

So here's the deal....I am going to REALLY try to blog more!  LOL  I know I say it every 3-6 months and do okay for a bit...then it tapers off.  Well, I am going to give it an A+ effort once again to attempt to keep you all in the Loop!

If you have read down this far...yeah!!!!  Keep reading =)

Ask your self...Do I want to stay in the Loop?  Hear about the new Trunk Show opportunities?  Know when great SALES and SURPRISE dress deals are happening?  Do I want the chance to win a FREE Ruby Loop Surprise dress in July?

If you answered YES to any of these then you will want to be sure to look to the left of this blog at the side bar and FOLLOW BY EMAIL.

Everyone who follows by email will have a chance at a FREE Ruby Loop surprise dress and BONUS, you will get an email occasionally of all the great things we have going on.  This will be good when FB totally weens things out, we won't loose you!  That would make me sad =(   <----------see, sad don't want that, right!  lol

Strawbermellon FUN!!!

So I am trying a new EASY giveaway widget!  =) goes!  Enter away and GOOD luck!
a Rafflecopter giveaway

Monday, April 9, 2012

Spring Show OFFS 2012

It's that time of year when everything comes to life again and we look around and just smile to watch all of God's creations blossom and show off His handy work!

We love to see Ruby Loop come to life on your little guys and dolls! On a hanger Ruby Loop is bright and cheery, but on a child, these creative items gain personality and love!

We will have several categories of winners for this contest and I will have help from a few amazing photographer and designer friends to pick our favorites! As well as a few random drawings and Profile POP up games through out the month too!
You can enter more than one photo into this contest with
unique Ruby Loop outfits and accessories.

Send your entries to or post them on our Ruby Loop FB wall.

The sooner you enter, the more chances you will have at gifts, prizes,
discounts and Ruby Loop gift certificates!!

Entry deadline is May 15th, perfect for those last minute Mother's Day entries!
Grand Prize Winners will be selected May 16th by our panel of judges.

Main prizes awarded on May 16th will be...

1. $XX Surprise Ruby Loop Gift Certificate - This Grand Prize gift certificate amount will be determined by how many unique entries are submitted into the contest. If there are 10 different children/adults entered, the GC amount will be $10...if there are 50 different children/adult entries, the GC amount will be $50 and so on.

2. $20 Ruby Loop Gift Certificate
3. 30% off any Ruby Loop order of Ready to ship items

Lots of other prizes throughout the month too!

If you are a designer and you would like to be featured in this giveaway, feel free to contact me through FB or for details and to contribute.

Here are just a few more of my favorites from past Show OFFS contests!

Shop Ruby Loop local and online!

Check out all the latest and greatest with Ruby Loop on facebook!

If you haven't read about 31 Dresses, please be sure to do so!