Sunday, February 27, 2011

The Ultimate Designer

As I think on what it means to me to be a designer, I am reminded of the ultimate Designer, the Author and Finisher, the Creator of all things good and perfect! I know that I love to look at pretty, girly things...I love color and mixing and blending what would seem unusual to some, but somehow it works. God created each of us that way. Beautiful, different, perfect in His eyes and something to be cherished and loved.

Nothing pleases me more than to see photos of my designs after they have left my small modest studio. To see that they are in fact being loved, shown off and making little girls and everyone who sees them dance and twirl by smile!

I think the Lord must feel that way about us. How often do we stop and talk to Him? Thank Him for all of the wondrous beauty we see around us? Are we walking in His Word? In His likeness?

It might sound horrible of me to admit, but when I create something, I imagine head to toe what a little girl might wear it with. Give it the complete Ruby Loop look! I cringe when my own girls wear the "wrong" shoes or the "wrong" bows with the right dress! I wonder for myself, does the Lord ever look at me and think that is not what I had in mind for you my child when I created you? I did not intend for you to represent me in that way or to act out like that when you were claiming to be my child. To misrepresent me in that fashion. That is not who I am, nor is it who I created you to be. I am thankful that when I falter the Lords mercy's are new every morning. He gives us free choice to be who we want to be. I choose to serve Him. In all that I do, I want to be pleasing unto the Lord. I pray that I can give Him glory in all that I do.Ruby Loop is much more than my little business where I wildly love to create unique clothing and accessories, but it is a ministry. I am blessed to meet new people every day through this endeavor. Many bless me with friendship, sharing their love of color, finding inspiration in the smiles on their little girls face as she shows off her first or her 7th Ruby Loop outfit.

More so, I love to know that the Lord has blessed me with all of you who purchase Ruby Loop and allow 31 Dresses to happen. I know that I am not the only one praying for the little girls and their families who are sponsored. Many of you have told me you are praying! How awesome is that!
In 2010 we sent out 13 dresses and several ties to little guys in just November and December when we started the program.

2011 has been a great start and we have already gifted over 15 dresses this year!

I am excited to see what the Lord uses Ruby Loop for this year and can't wait to announce that we have sent out 100 plus dresses through 31 Dresses! Continue to send you friends our way so that we can all make this happen!

Hugs and Love!

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