Sunday, January 30, 2011

31 Dresses

If you are ever looking to go beyond make a difference in life when everything seems to be so big and you are so small...God has a plan for everything, a purpose for us to fulfill in all the roads we walk in life. We can choose to walk any road or we can seek out those that will add to His kingdom and bless others.

Through Ruby Loop I am so blessed to be able to expand my business and have a ministry. 31 Dresses is all about giving back to His most precious children, those who might be over looked everyday. His most prized children, the ones who may have never heard His name...or maybe they have and just don't realize how much He loves them! Through 31 Dresses we can share God's infanant love for all little princesses of the most high King Jesus!

You can purchase from any boutique, there are so many amazing and wonderful designers to choose from in the "boutique" world=) I pray that there are more who turn the talents God has blessed them with into ministries He can bless the world with, even if it is one child at a time. When you make a $75 Ruby Loop purchase, you are contributing to His ministry and helping to gift a Ruby Loop dress to a little girl who might be less fortunate than yourself...she may not have a closet full of boutique clothes, or she just might not know the love of Jesus....either way, she is precious to Him!

Another amazing ministry is Hope for God's children. Please visit their blog and see the amazing works they are doing for these precious children who have been stricken with Neuroblastoma.

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