Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Ruby loop show offs contest!!!

Now through the end of June watch the Ruby loop show offs contest!

All you have to do to win a FREE set of bows is send me a picture of your adorable little, or big, princess adorned in Ruby loop bows!

Send your favorite photo to or posting it on facebook and tag me! (facebook link is at the left under shop the loop!)

Vote on your favorite girl showing off her Ruby loop style in the comments section of her posting.
Send your friends and family here to vote or on my Ruby loop facebook page in the photo album...Ruby loop show offs

As the winner of The Ruby loop show offs contest, you will choose any set of bows out of my inventory or have a custom set created for you!!!

If I have 25 girls enter this contest I will be giving away a Ruby loop gift certificate for $25 to my favorite show off!

Don't have any Ruby loop bows yet? It's not too late to get your own set...or borrow some from your friends who do have them! There is no purchase necessary for this contest!

Check out some of my bows for sale online at or contact me directly at 248-238-9230 and shop my home boutique! (this could be my place or yours!)

Send your photos to

Be sure to subscribe to my blog so you can keep up on posts and who is in the lead!

Contest rules -
1. You may enter more than one photo

2. Only photos with Ruby Loop/Avec mon Amie bows will be posted for entry.

3. By sending me photos of your child, you are authorizing me to post the picture of your child to my website, and my Ruby loop facebook page.

4. You may vote June 20th through June 30th for your own picture once, and send as many friends and family as are willing to vote on your photo as well.

5. Photos must be submitted to or posted on facebook and tag me, by June 20th to be entered into the contest.

6. Contest photos submitted will begin posting as soon as May 1st and voting begins June 20th.

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