Tuesday, January 6, 2009

New Years brings New Things!

I saw that it has almost been a month since I last updated my blog! I haven't been able to do as much creating now that our newest little creation is here! Of course that is to be expected! Seems lately most creating has been the last minute bow to top Tillie's head to match the outfit worn for the first time that seems to need that finishing touch=)

I just had to get on and post pictures after finishing up her dedication gown and then her bow!
Of course I fed her before trying it on her and as soon as I got it on, wouldn't ya know she spits up all over it...not once, not twice, but three times! Oh, but she was so good when I was taking her picture and thankfully this vintage wedding gown, turned dedication gown is not a fabric that discolors when wet! Cleaned up great! Of course she is a chunker and this gown fits her to a T today! I am praying it will fit in two weeks!

Not only do we have our sweet little Tillie Belle, we have a new Big sister! Kenadie loves her new role as Big sister and she plays it well! Aubrie is amazing as well being such a HUGE helper around the house and I feel so blessed with these 3 beautiful girls who never cease to amaze us!

Aubrie was so proud to show off pictures at school of her new sister and with it came the most amusing story! I sent the proof sheet of the hospital pictures to school with each of the girls to show off the day after Tillie's arrival.
Of course being a proof sheet the word "proof" was printed on the bottom of each of the 4 pictures on the page. Aubrie was showing the sheet to her class beaming with pride and said "This is my new sister, Tillie"
One of her friends, Isabelle, said, "Oh, I thought her name was "proof" cause it was printed on her picture."
And if that isn't cute enough...
Aubrie's reply was "No, her name is Tillie, that's the proof that my mom had her!"

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