Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Sock monkeys on the go with Tillie!

I have to say, when I started out making this cover for Tillie's car seat, I was so torn cutting into this adorable sock monkey material!

I love the monkeys playing with jacks, twirling with a hula hoop, bouncing around on pogo sticks, and riding scooters. But I must say, the material is soooo much cuter now that it has been given life and will be running around with us! I hope to have a matching diaper bag, and cover for my stroller, but I also have to make my 3 girls sock monkey outfits to match the sock monkey bottle cap bows I am making them!

I love the spotty inside of the umbrella cover and the smaller, even more active pogo-ing monkeys, next to the "sock" textured material and the soft wavy chenille. I love all the textures and contrasts!

Maybe I will use the Dick and Jane material for my stroller that I have been avoiding cutting. Of course at that point I will need to make a Dick n Jane bag too!

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