Monday, September 29, 2008

Scrappies and ODD Dots

What fun I have had so far this summer at the market! Only one rainy Saturday so far, I can't believe how blessed we have been with beautiful weather! With only 2 weeks left I am starting to look at how I will be spending my fall creating...but first some of the greatest hits from this summer were my new ODD Dots and Scrappies, the funniest looking characters. I loved seeing the kids get so excited over these, I must say that these were appealing to all ages! One customer bought two for her daughter...then she also bought two for herself to put on her sofa!

Another big hit was the fairy findings line!

Fairy wands, scrolls, skirts, crowns and wristlettes were the delight of sooo many little girls!
There is sure to be a fairy princess or two out there this year for Halloween!

My girls loved wearing theirs to the Renaissance Festival when we went on our Fairy vacation! They both got pirates loot and tons of attention! What a fun place to dress up!

I have continued to create the Fairy Findings all Summer since it went so well... if you want something for your little sprite just email me or come to the market one of the last two weeks!
Dress up, Halloween, Christmas, fun photo shoots!

Enchanted Crowns- $18
Skirts - $18
Fariy and Pixie Wands - $12
Wristlettes - $4
Fairy Scroll and Findings - $3
Sparkle Dust - $2
Wings are made to order only - $25
Fairy from top to bottom - $45 ($65 w/ wings)

Don't forget a fairy scroll to leave from the tooth fairy when she looses her sweet little baby teeth.
Aubrie was more excited about her note from the tooth fairy than she was the extra money and gifts left behind!

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