Tuesday, September 30, 2008

a Dumbo inspired diaper bag!!!

How fun it was to try and create a custom bag inspired by Disney's Dumbo! It has been forever since I had seen the movie, so I had to do some online searching for inspiration and couldn't believe how much I forgot about! What fun adding small details to this bag. The flying elephant has a small wooden mouse on the tip of his trunk as he soars through the clouds over the big top circus below! I loved mixing the patterns and prints of the tents and the ribbon flags. Dumbo couldn't fly without his feather, so I had to incorporate it on the bag somehow, but I wanted to keep it easy to wash too! One of the side panels is a blue material that reminded me of the sky and what luck, it had feathers all over it! A perfect find!!!
My favorite, aside from the mouse=), is the red and white striped Big Top tent and pocket material. I had to search 4 stores and bought 3 different red and white stripes before I found the perfect coloring and sized stripe! It's a labor of love, I tell ya!
To add the train, which no circus would be complete without, I trimmed the suede handles with a ribbon complete with engine and caboose! The bottom of this bag is also the f aux brown suede, not only for durability, but also to hide any dirt that always happens on the bottom of any bag!

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