Monday, May 12, 2008

Hooter Hiders!!!

Okay, this is the funniest and catchiest name I have come across by far for a nursing blanket. Now I have to admit someone already has that name copyrighted, so I need something catchy to call them my self...but everything I have come up with so far is laughable! Either way too risky(which just makes it all the more funny, but not sell able or marketable) or just doesn't have that ring to it.

Issy is expecting her first child! A little boy they are going to name Aiden. How sweet!

Here is a super cute nursing blanket I just made for her shower! Covered with cute little puppies on one side and neutral on the other with little stars to coordinate, but not be too stimulating for a baby who might be trying to nurse to sleep!

The blanket is light weight to avoid over heating mommy or the baby and adorned with all sorts of coordinating textured ribbons at the bottom for baby to play with. This is in hopes that baby will entertain his hands on satin and velvet ribbon as opposed to pinching mom's chest where you are already probably so tender!

I attached the blue and brown polka dotted ribbon strap that goes over your head to keep the baby from flinging the blanket off of him, as my babies loved to do exposing me to the world! UGH! This ribbon strap buttons on and off, so when you are beyond nursing you will have a perfect lightweight blanket for baby. The strap is also useful to attach around car seats or strollers so as you walk the park or the mall and baby decides to fling the blanket on the ground you won't find yourself with out it later!

I am having such a hard time deciding which of my adorable baby prints to make my own nursing blanket out of...but I suppose that since I am only about 6.5 weeks along my self, I have plenty of time to decide!

If you want a blanket for yourself or that perfect shower gift call or email me with your order! They are $20 each and can be created in any theme or color combo!

If you come up with a perfect name for me to call these that hasn't been used yet, I will give you one for free! But I am looking for that perfect name! Leave it in the comments section!!!

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