Monday, April 9, 2012

Spring Show OFFS 2012

It's that time of year when everything comes to life again and we look around and just smile to watch all of God's creations blossom and show off His handy work!

We love to see Ruby Loop come to life on your little guys and dolls! On a hanger Ruby Loop is bright and cheery, but on a child, these creative items gain personality and love!

We will have several categories of winners for this contest and I will have help from a few amazing photographer and designer friends to pick our favorites! As well as a few random drawings and Profile POP up games through out the month too!
You can enter more than one photo into this contest with
unique Ruby Loop outfits and accessories.

Send your entries to or post them on our Ruby Loop FB wall.

The sooner you enter, the more chances you will have at gifts, prizes,
discounts and Ruby Loop gift certificates!!

Entry deadline is May 15th, perfect for those last minute Mother's Day entries!
Grand Prize Winners will be selected May 16th by our panel of judges.

Main prizes awarded on May 16th will be...

1. $XX Surprise Ruby Loop Gift Certificate - This Grand Prize gift certificate amount will be determined by how many unique entries are submitted into the contest. If there are 10 different children/adults entered, the GC amount will be $10...if there are 50 different children/adult entries, the GC amount will be $50 and so on.

2. $20 Ruby Loop Gift Certificate
3. 30% off any Ruby Loop order of Ready to ship items

Lots of other prizes throughout the month too!

If you are a designer and you would like to be featured in this giveaway, feel free to contact me through FB or for details and to contribute.

Here are just a few more of my favorites from past Show OFFS contests!

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