Friday, May 20, 2011

GIVEAWAY WINNER! for Sunday Giveaway!!!!

Our winner is Laura for the Sunday GIVEAWAY bow holder and bows prize package! Though Laura didn't leave any contact information for me to contact her with. Laura, you have 24 hours to comment on this post with an email address for me to send you information to claim your prize. Hope to hear from you!!!!

If Laura doesn't claim her prize, I will pick a new winner! Thank you to everyone who entered! Good luck for future ones!


laura riggs said...

ok, this is on my sisters computer

laura riggs said...

K. This is from my phone.

laura riggs said...

k! my email address is :) woohoo!

Laura said...

Hmmm.... I thought this was my post :( Well, Laura Riggs responded first so I guess she wins. I dunno if there is a way to tell which Laura responded?

Laura said...

whoops.... just noticed it was posted on Friday, so even if it was me, I didn't respond in time. Congrat's Laura Riggs :) Enjoy all the pretty hair candy!!

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