Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Calypso Cottage - A summer of dreams

I am so excited to finally have all of the names selected and blended together after brainstorming and really thinking about where I wanted to take the direction of the photo shoot and the feel I wanted for the line....

I didn't have one aha! name that stuck out at me as THE ONE...but there were so many that I loved and they got my wheels turning to blend and twist names together to come up with our main collection name

Calypso Cottage
*A Summer of Dreams*

I am going to leave the other names a surprise until the clothing release after the photo shoot...but if you had any idea that I used as inspiration or if I used a name suggestion from you for this line, your name went into the drawing! There were a lot of you in there! 26 to be exact!

Two people really stood out to me though! And since I don't have one MAIN winner who gave me the collection name, these two ladies will have first choice of the prizes in this group.

Kara and Regina, you need to contact me with in 24 hours to let me know your 1st and 2nd choice. Who ever contacts me first will have their first choice, who ever contacts me 2nd will receive their 2nd choice. I hope this make sense! =)

Please email me at avecmonamie@yahoo.com from the email address you listed with your entry.

Five prizes total to be handed out, means there are still three people who get in on the goods! I drew names and here are the next three winners....

Laura Riggs
Brandi Hohner
Alicia Peerson
Selina Holley

WAIT! yes, there are 4 names here! Ruby Loop will be putting in an
extra prize if all 6 of the winners contact me with in 24 hours!

Ladies, please email me with the order of your choices for all 5 items, 6 if you want to include the Ruby Loop bonus prize. Who ever is the first to contact me from this group will have their first choice prize AFTER the two main winners have chosen. So on and so on...I hope that make sense!

You have 24 hours to contact me!!!

Here is the original blog posting that shows the prizes available!!!
Ruby Loop: What's in a name? Everything!

Good luck! Let me know if you have any questions!


Laura said...

aww... I love the name Amie :) Congrat's to all the lucky ducks that got chosen (so jealous) !!!

Roxanne said...

It is a WONDERFUL name!

Amie Kelp said...

I should note this is Regina Phalange and Kara - kjmostoller@gmail.com
for the main winners!

Alicia Leigh said...

Yay! Thanks for drawing my name for a prize. I love the collection name. It totally fits the fabrics!


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