Friday, May 13, 2011

What's in a name? Everything!

It's almost summer time!!!

How inspiring are these colors! I love the chartreuse and avocado greens, the sea blues, grays and the summer feel of these fabrics!

Please note, the Eiffel tower is not going to be a dominant feature of this collection. I only have a small portion of this fabric and it will just be an after thought of the collection. I just loved it too much to pass up!

I am currently designing several OOAK dresses and sets, as well as an amazing ruffle dress that will be able to be custom ordered from these fabrics as well as a few surprise pinks, purples and other splashes of summer fun...but this will be my main inspiration for our upcoming photo shoot with S.Dawn Photography!

Words and feelings I want to pull out are sky, sea, meadows, bubbles, whimsy, calypso, something tropical and magical! I just can't form the perfect name! thought I would put you to work. These do not have to be in the name...I just like these words =)

I need your help in coming up with a name for this collection! How does this fabric inspire you?

RULES and how it works...

they are no fun...but we gotta have em!

COMMENT here on the blog post with your name ideas for consideration and entry.

One winner will be selected for the main collection and photo shoot name!

Help me name this upcoming line and you could win one of these amazing prizes this month through our GIVEAWAY!!!

Runner up winners will be chosen for names that I would like to use for individual OOAK dresses and sets in this collection.

Main winner will have FIRST choice of prize. The runner up winners will have their names in a "hat" and pick prizes in order of name drawn.

Feel free to suggest as many names as you can think of for this collection.

DO NOT use names from other boutique lines. I want fresh ideas and do not promote copying other designers in any way!

This portion of the contest will run from Thursday, May 13th until Thursday, May 19th.

Thank you to all of the sponsors of Ruby Loops May Giveaway!!! You can find their Facebook pages by clicking on these photos. This contest is not affiliated with Facebook in any way, and you do not have to "like" their pages to enter...But if you are interested in winning their prizes, it would be nice if you showed them some LOVE!!!

Good Luck and thank you for entering!



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MelissaJane Boutique
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Baby Bear Bowtique
your choice of a personalized hello kitty inspired bow or the personalized princess bow

Lil Sweetie Bows & Boutique
one stacked bow
retail $7
Harper Isabella Designs
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Winner will choose ribbon colors/pattern from available ribbons and name to be embroidered.
Value: $7


Amanda said...

My ideas are "Calypso Breeze" and "Beachy Keen" :) I love this fabric!

Priscilla Post said...

A little wordy.. not sure how short or precise you normally are, but I like "A Calypso breeze through magical meadows" ^.^ And those fabrics look so soft and shimmery!

Chelle Starfire Futch said...

I like Watery Meadow or Shimmery Ocean. And I adore these fabrics together!!

Laura said...

It made me immediately think "Lime Sorbet".

Chad&Leanne said...

"song of the sea", "sweet salty air", "hint-of-lime, summertime", "breath of fresh air", "european skyline", "morrocan palace"...that's what I came up with so far :)

Alicia Leigh said...

Those shades of blue definitely make me think of the sea....I came up with:
"Seaport Sweetie"
"Shining Sea"
"Seaport Serenade"

I love the fabrics and can't wait to see what you come up with.
Alicia Peerson

harperberard said...

"Dainty Lady" it is a beautiful combination of colors and fabrics. They remind me of a dainty little girl dancing around. :)

Jill said...

whimsical wishes is my idea. I can't wait to see what you make!

Jill said...

I forgot to leave my email.

The Jones' said...

Secret garden

The Jones' said...

Here are a few more:
-Enchanted Garden
-Mystic Meadows
-Sea Mist

Something about this fabric collection is just so soothing, sweet & calm.

Suzanne Jones

The Jones' said...

& another, guess my creative juices are flowing this afternoon!

"Sea Swept"

Suzanne Jones

jrtruba said...

Paris amour

mandy said...

Seashell summertime, oceanside breeze, sunrise sunset, dreamy nights, butterfly dreams, poolside paradise, tropical dreams, summer blossom

Henria O. said...

My ideas:
Paris in Spring
Paris in Springtime
Chanson de Les Filles (means song of the girls)
Counting Kisses
Summer's Muse
Muse of Blue
Muse of the Sea
Musica Mystere
Musica Azure
Revelry in Blue
Song of the Sea
Mermaid Magic

Jennifer said...

Bubbly SubLIME
Whimsical sublime

Sublime means to pass from a solid state to vapor. It kinda fits with bubbles. is my email

Alicia Leigh said...

I thought of a couple more...a different variation of one of my previous, but I think it sounds better:
"Seaside Serenade"
I also like:
"Summer by the Sea"
"Port Side Paradise"
"Baby Blues"

goldangel69 said...

Summer Breeze , sea Breeze , summertime love, baby blues summertime, beach time blues

Teri said...

I'm going with names that would encompass to little girls (since that is your target audience)seaside sparkler or sandcastle darling. Will come up with more later.

Teri said...

Considering your target clientele, from what I've gathered, is little girls...I'm all for girly names such as sandcastle darling or seaside sparkler. Will work on more later.

The Forey's said...

Shades of Summer Whimsey
Whimesy By the Sea
Sweet Summer by the Sea
Sew Breezy Sweet

Regina said...

"Calypso Couture" could be the name of the line. Then you could name each dress differently like one that has mostly blues could be "Mystic Breeze". One with mostly purple could be "Plumberry Mist". Mostly green/yellow could be "Margarita Mama" etc...

Chelle Starfire Futch said...

I am liking Limeade Couture... these fabrics are definitely couture!

Regina said...

Or...the line could be "Islas Enamoradas" which means lovable islands is Spanish or just "Islas" pronounced E-slahs. Then each dress could be named after an island. ie "Bahama Mama", Jamaica'n me Blush", "Cuban Cutie", "Grenada Breeze"...

Or...places with beaches
"Key West Kutie"
"Miami Mami"
"Pacific Peach"

Regina said...

Coral Reef Couture

Allison said...

I love those colors!
"Sea Breeze Serenade"
"Breezy Beach"
"Galapagos Glimmer"

Jessie said...

Seaside Sonnet
Island Song
Whimsical Wonderland
Wonder of Whimsy
Warmth of Whimsy
Daisy Chains
Meadow Delight
Meadow Melody
Summer Fruits
Warm Summer Breeze
Summer Breeze
She sells sea shells...

Jessie said...

Also thought of

Soak up the Limelight
In the Limelight
Get your slice of the Limelife
Cutie Pie or Slice of Pie Collection with dresses named after pies eg. Lime Tart, Apple Pie, Blueberry Pie etc

Colleen D. said...

Love the colors!!

My thoughts:
Tropical Island by the sea

Magical Ocean Blues

KreativeKaptures said...

A few that I came up with so far....

Fields of Fancy
Ethereal Eden
Whimsical Willow
Whirling Tide
Garden Grove
Divine Dreamer
Delicate Dreams
Calypso Charm
Bloomin' Iris
Pic-a-nic Basket

:) I'm still trying to think of more.

Busy Crock Pot Mom said...

It's a Breeze
Summer Breezin'
Meadows and Meadows of fun
A Splash of Whimsy
Whimsy and Grace and Everything Nice
Whimsical Grace
~Hope Comerford

Alicia Leigh said...

My 7 year old daughter, naleah, who LOVES Ruby Loop has come up with a couple of names:
Wavy Waters
Sunny Sea

Thanks Alicia

Alicia Leigh said...

My daughter also loves the Eiffle Tower print, even if it is limited, and she thought of:

Paris Perfection
Paris Flowers

Thanks Alicia

Alicia Leigh said...

One more...I love this one:
Sea Sorbet

Oh, I can not wait to see what you create with these beautiful fabrics. My girls have blue eyes and green eyes and they would look lovely in these colors!
Alicia Peerson

Marla H. said...



Marla H. said...

Lovely Limelight
Luscious Limelight


Busy Crock Pot Mom said...

A Splash of Whimsy

Melissa said...

Names that I think of are

Magical Summer Blues
Breezy Blue Flowers
Ocean breezes
Summer Tropical fun

Melissa Zawislak

Anonymous said...

I love your new line!

The first thing I thought of ad a name was

Lime n raspberries

The reason came after the name. It was the colors

froehlichmeghan said...

Salty Seaside or Gypsy Sea

Allison said...

My ideas are:

- Enchanted Garden
- Key lime Sublime
- Tea Party Magic
- Oceania Paradise
- Oceania Breeze

Merideth McLeod said...

I like Calypso Cascade or Shimmery Sea Spray :)

AmyLynn said...

Here are my ideas:
~summer breeze
~summer seas
~tropical seaside
~tropic whimsey
~seaside dream


Busy Crock Pot Mom said...

Easy Breezy
Whimsy Waters
Whimsical Waves
Breezy Buttons
Cute as a button

laura riggs said...

I posted some on your fb note. But here are some more, Lovely Little Loops, Calico Calipso, Mermaid Magic, Summer by the Sea, Tropical Tango, Summers Whimsy, Mommys Little Dream, Summers Song, Tropical Song, Fairytale Summer, Pixie Passion, Tropical Pixie, Pixie Punch, Picnic Pixies.Seafoam Safari,

Selina Holley said...

Magical Merriment
Twirling Bubbles
Jolie Fille - pretty girl, in french
A la Mode - fashionable; also with ice cream
Creme de la creme
Oh la la
Floating Bubbles
Nouveau Belle
Floating Island
Dandelion Dust
Dancing Dandelions
....(Dandelion flowers are sensitive to light, so they open with the sun in the morning and close in the evening or during gloomy weather.)
Whimsical Dreams
Sweet Dreams
Shimmering Sands
Dainty Seas

Selina H. said...


Twirly Whirly/Twirl & whirl- I like the idea of naming the collection something fun like this & then naming each piece the name of a childhood game: tic tac toe, ring around the rosie, Simon Says, Hide & Seek, Red Rover, Mother May I, skip hop, etc.

Pocket full of posies
Cutie Patootie
Chez Ami

Chad&Leanne said...

Thought of a few more:
-Saltwater Taffy
-Sweet sea beezes
-Parisian Perfection
-Parisian Paradise
-Parisian Princess
-A walk in the park
-Candy-coated fruit
-Fruit punch
-marvelous meadows
-a girl's best friend
-Art in the Park
-The Louvre in summertime
-Willow-tree whimsy
-Musical Meadows
-Sugary treats

:) Leanne Labelle

Selina H. said...

Okay I quit after this:

Lollipop Fancy
Twist & Shout
Lollipop Dreams
Fansy Schmancy
Twinkle Toes
Splashing bubbles
Sugary Sweet
Sweet & Sassy
Splish Splash

Selina H. said...

Skip to my Lou

Brandi said...

Kokomo Cabana
Cabana Cruz/Cruise
Sea Lime Cruz/cruise
Parfait Ole!
Calypso Cruise
TropiLime sublime

Kara said...

I was thinking that the collection could be the "Cottage By the Sea Collection." Then the individual dresses could be have names pertaining to the sea such as: Sea Fairies, Summer's Shimmering Sea, Escape To The Sea, Colores Del Mar (Colors of the Sea-Spanish), Seafoam Shimmer, Secret Shores,

Or the Cottage By the Sea Collection could have more cottage/garden names Cottage Garden Fairies, Waterside Cottage

Hope one of these strikes your fancy!

Kara said...

By the way ... my e-mail address is

Roxanne said...

Roxanne Savedra

I am thinking "Sea Breeze" would be GREAT! Other ideas are:
Ocean Breeze
Spring Meadows
Whimsical Waters
Bubbly Brook
Summer skies
Beach reflections

Roxanne said...

Roxanne Savedra

I am thinking "Sea Breeze" would be GREAT! Other ideas are:
Ocean Breeze
Spring Meadows
Whimsical Waters
Bubbly Brook
Summer skies
Beach reflections

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