Saturday, August 8, 2009

Fair weather Marketer!

I have determined that I am in fact a fair weather marketer! After sticking it out for two and a half hours in the rain...k, it was a down pour...I was once again done for the day. I don't think that the blue sky's will be coming out this time on m like they did last time, so I am completely happy with my decision!

I think I will have to spend this rainy Saturday morning organizing my creating might be time to purge a few things for our upcoming move! Even if I get rid of nothing...I'll have refreshed my memory of all the yummy fabrics and fun things I have to play with!

See you at the next sun shiny market! I am no longer going to try and beat the one wants soggy bows any way! and most of us are way to sweet to stay in the rain and not melt! lol!!!

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