Thursday, June 21, 2012

Summer in full swing!

I love summer!  The kiddos are home, sprinklers are on, lemons are squeezed, laughter and games all day long!  LOL...okay, so it's not magazine perfect everyday, but there are some days you just sit back and think, yes!  I have arrived, God is so good to me!  =)

I love some of these great summer photos sent to me showing off your Ruby Loop! Send me your photos for the chance to be featured!

Love this "Maycie" dress, which has been our most popular dress this summer!  Bailie Kay is beautiful in these colors!!!  She shows off our Citrus Summer Garden perfectly!  

Miranda is adorable in her "Miranda" bloomers!  Yes, the Miranda bloomers were named after her!!!  I would love a picture of her closet!  LOL...I know it is busting with Ruby Loop and a package on the way too for her and her sisters!

Have you taken advantage of our SURPRISE dress of the week yet?  I have tried to offer one fabric selection a week, as my order load allows, at a great deal!  SURPRISE Skirts start at $15 and Dresses start at $25 and are offered in infant through girls 12/14!  Each Sunday/Monday the fabric changes in our bigcartel shop and they are limited!   The dresses are often OOAK (one of a kind) and always very Ruby Loop! 

This week was "Cherry Festival" and they are too cute so far!  I do have enough fabric for maybe one more dress or a couple skirts!  Once I start posting finished products, I won't take anymore surprise orders!

 This was one of our "Sweet Shop" vintage kids SURPRISE dresses!  Isn't she precious!!!  I have so much fun with these!  I love having total creative liberties and sometimes go a little over the top!  Love the little poms, buttons and ribbon accents on the cute pocket!

Have to show off my little cuties too!  They have been in Illinois for the first two weeks of summer vacation with my mom!  I miss them terribly!!!

Tillie Belle loved the ducks at our little "photo shoot."  I have to laugh when I call it that, I am by no means a photographer!  I need to come up with a name for my little photo adventures with my kiddos! 

Every time I talk to Tillie I tell her I miss her!  She replies, "I miss you too momma, but I am smiling....see!"  LOL...I can hear her smile on the other end!

Saturday can't come soon enough!  Hope your summer is off to a great start and that you are finding lots of adventures with your kiddos, creating the memories they will remember for a lifetime!  Hug and squeeze them while you can!  They grow up too fast!  Precious little gifts from God that we have!


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