Thursday, June 2, 2011

Profile Pop Ups!

I am excited about this game for all of our Ruby Loop Spring Show Off 2011 contestants!!! I love anything that keeps ya on your toes=)

Watch Ruby Loop FB page closely!

When you see my Ruby Loop profile picture change to your CONTEST ENTRY photo, be sure to write on my wall "I'm the Profile Pop Up...CHOICE XYZ!!!"

What goes in the CHOICE XYZ??? You get to pick your prize from one of these!!!

Cute Covers
Zebra Bible cover
customizable with initial or monogrammed name up to 7 letters
Retail value $10

Scarlett's Whimsy
Spring Fantasy
retail $19

CLAIMED - Priscilla Post
Creative Signs & Wonders
$25 Gift certificate

The Trendy Butterfly, Hip clothes for kids to fly with!
Digital invite file and matching Tshirt of choice!
$29 retail value

CLAIMED - Lauren A
I Heart Rock n Roll (and my crafty things too)
Cream of the Crop - Vintage Style Cabochon Ring
retail value $9

CLAIMED by Leanne Labelle
Dimples and Diamonds
Surprise tutu set
Value up to $40
Winner picks the size

CLAIMED by Brandi Honher
Ruby Loop
$35 retail value

fits 2-6T
you know the page! =)

CLAIMED - Jessica McMillen
PeaPod Announcements
$25.00 Gift Certificate

CLAIMED by Sarah B Mcadam-Skowronek

Stacey Woods~JuJu Belle~Independent Consultant
girls custom charm bracelet
retail value $21

Splash of Color
$60 credit towards a vinyl backdrop/floor of winner's choice!

As each prize is claimed while we play this game, I will post CLAIMED by SALLY SMITH above the prize details so you know it is no longer available.

Watch the page! When ever I change a photo I will be sure to post something. I might leave a photo up for 5 minutes, I might leave it up for 5 hours...depending on what I have going on! =) You must post on the Ruby Loop wall while your photo is up to claim a prize!

Any questions, please post them on the discussion board for the SSO 2011 notifications =) Thanks and GOOD LUCK!!!

This promotion is in no way sponsored, endorsed or administered by, or associated with, Facebook. =)


chrissie bussell said...

im on the ruby loop pop up!! choice #2 please!!!!! dimples & diamonds suprise tutu set?

Amie Kelp said...

Just a note!!!

I will be using to select the entry number of the contestant photo from the Show offs 2011 album so that I am not appearing to play favorites in my photo selections.

Brandi said...

Its me Its me!!!!! i am the pop up pic right now!!!
We would love the surprise tutu set from diamonds and dimples if avail. if not the RL tutu!!!!
Thanks so much!!!1

Brandi said...

RL eart Petti please!! we are the pop up photo now!!! woo hooo!
<3 ya!

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