Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Forty Toes GIVEAWAY!

CLOSED!!! Congrats Hailey for the unique photo entry =)

Jennifer from Forty Toes photography is so amazing!

She is ALWAYS giving and I feel so privileged to have her included in our giveaway as a sponsor, but also as one of our judges for the contest....yes ladies, feel free to head to her page and gush...chum up to her...tell her how wonderful she is for including one of her amazing tanks in our giveaway..butter her up a bit and let her know that we love her!

Here is what you have to do for giveaway #1 in our EXCLUSIVE SSO 2011 giveaways! YES, that means first thing is you MUST have been entered into the contest with at least one photo showing off your favorite Ruby Loop!

Follow these steps and answer these questions in your comment post here on the blog!
1. Entered with Photo
2. Stop by Forty Toes and tell her how much Ruby Loop loves her!
3. What is her daughters name?
4. How many children does Jennifer have?
5. Look through my photo albums and copy and post a link showing me you found a photo of Little girls riding their bikes!

Leave all of this in one comment here on the blog for entry =)

Watch for the winner tomorrow night! Good luck!

This promotion is in no way sponsored, endorsed or administered by, or associated with, Facebook.


Brandi said...

Posted to FT, daughter is Stella! 4 kiddos! and the girls on bikes!!/photo.php?fbid=10150149510651729&set=a.388851986728.192191.113701611728&type=1&theater

Brandi said...

forgot to link this one too~!/photo.php?fbid=10150138184866729&set=a.388851986728.192191.113701611728&type=1&theater

chrissie bussell said...

1. entered.
2. done!
3. Stella Marie Wiggins
4. 4

chrissie bussell said...

& this 1:!/photo.php?fbid=10150149510651729&set=a.388851986728.192191.113701611728&type=1&theater

chrissie bussell said...!/photo.php?fbid=10150138184866729&set=a.388851986728.192191.113701611728&type=1&theater!/photo.php?fbid=10150138184516729&set=a.388851986728.192191.113701611728&type=1&theater

Hailey said...

1 - Sent a picture of my sweet Kinley wearing her Ruby Loop!
2 - Showed Forty Toes some LOVE from both Ruby Loop AND I! :)
3 - Her BEAUTIFUL daughters name is Stella Marie!
4 - She has 4 adorable children!
5 - So..I looked for this photo for about 45 minutes..looking for REAL children on REAL bikes..haha! :):):)


Hailey said...

Or right here..sneaky sneaky! :);)!/photo.php?fbid=10150125628541729&set=a.197767931728.153246.113701611728&type=1&theater

Jessica Mc. said...

Oh my! Soooo excited! :D

Jennifer has 4 children and her gorgeous daughter's name is Stella Marie.

I'm hoping this pic will do....I've been searching for an hour, lol!!/photo.php?fbid=10150149510651729&set=a.388851986728.192191.113701611728&type=1&theater

Thanks, Amie! You RoCk!

Brooke said...

Suri and I <3 Ruby loop!

1. My sweet Suri girl
2. Showed LOTS of love!
3. Stella Marie
4. 4 cuties

Chad&Leanne said...

I left a note for Forty Toes, her beautiful lil girl is Stella Marie and she has 4 children. I found a few pics that I think might qualify for girls on bikes:
1 -!/photo.php?fbid=10150138184516729&set=a.388851986728.192191.113701611728&type=1&theater

:) Hope that works!

Chad&Leanne said...

Ooo, I just found a sneaky fact, I found a couple more, but this is a fav! Do you love bikes Amie?? ;)!/photo.php?fbid=10150126045376729&set=a.197767931728.153246.113701611728&type=1&theater

rnaiman said...

1. Done
2. Stella Marie
3. 4

Busy Crock Pot Mom said...

1. Entered with Photo - Yup!
2. Stop by Forty Toes and tell her how much Ruby Loop loves her! - Done!
3. What is her daughters name? - Stella Marie
4. How many children does Jennifer have? - 4


Heather K. said...

1)Entered photo-yes m'am!
2)gave love from Ruby Loop-sure did!
3) Stella Marie
4) 4 wonderful children


marlana said...

1. done makayla rose
2. shared some love
3. Stella marie
4. 4

Thanks for letting us show off out Ruby Loop!!!!!!
marlana buck arnold

Laura said...

1. My sweet Lila Grace is entered in your show offs :)
2. Left Jennifer a message at Forty Toes telling her that you send your <3!
3. Jennifer's daughter's name is Stella Marie (I think she is so stinking cute!)
4. Jennifer has 4 children (the name 40 Toes was inspired by a picture of Jennifer's 4 children's feet)

Thanks Amie :)

Priscilla Post said...

In the showoffs, yup! She has 4 total, Stella Marie and has adorable dresses and a child mannequin on a bike!

Priscilla Post said...

Oops and yes I left love from you and from me!

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