Friday, June 3, 2011


I loved playing I SPY last fall with everyone and
thought I would try and pull a bit of that game out with this GIVEAWAY!!!
How fun! You found so many girls on bikes! I can't believe how many there were!

I only had this one in mind when I posted!The boutique girls on our garden bikes were favorites! I never even thought about all of the ones you might find!

Two of you found theses active little girls!
Here is the winning UNIQUE photo!
Only Hailey Chambliss found this photo...and she thought I was being sneaky! LOL...She was thorough in her search for girls on bikes and it paid off!!!

My cute Tillie Belle and her friend Cecilia showing off their Ruby Loop at church. Cute girls! If only I had adorable girls like all of our contestants (and a few little guys too=) to sit around in my boutique all day long showing off how cute they make Ruby Loop! LOL...those mannequin kids have nothing on these girls!

Hailey, you can contact Jennifer from Forty Toes and let her know that you won the tank from the Ruby Loop GIVEAWAY!!! Congrats!!!

1 comment:

Hailey said...

SO happy I won! Such a CUTE picture! Thank you soo much!!! :):):)

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