Wednesday, March 19, 2008


I am patiently awaiting the arrival of spring! I am getting bluesy with all this chill and winter left out side! I have delved into the most fun and colorful spring line of bows!

Here it is, I have High School Musical, Hannah Montanna and Mylee Cyrus, all the Disney princess's and yes!!! Tinker Bell!!! Also inspired by the most fun bottle caps I have assorted mickey and friends! I have been loving all these character bows!

Not to worry I have created adorable spring bows, sure to help welcome the sunshine with little flowers, bunnies and buttons!

I am going to get serious about getting online! I have to now that Gary (my hubby) has been laid off. Gotta love the auto industry and the economy of Michigan! I can't worry though! God is in control and I can use this as the push to get serious with my stuff...or get a job at a bank...Lord please let me sell big so I don't have to work at a bank! How dreadful for my creative mind! It always starts spinning when I am completely unable to who knows but the Lord! Maybe being away from my studio and all of my goodies will open up creative passages I never had before! lol...

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