Monday, January 21, 2008

I've been slacking off...well just focused elsewhere!

Well the Christmas program is over and I promised myself that I would get back to creating bags and bows and so many other things that I have been thinking about over the last several months, but put on hold...I guess that I am going to do that now! I must admit that I have been surfing, looking for Summer children's program stuff, went to our church blog to see what I needed to update...I have been slacking everywhere it seems! I saw the huge blog roll, decided I would see who all was conected with Grace's blog...I need to get my site listed=) But I saw Greg Stewart's photo blog, clicked on it and saw that he mentioned me! WOW how cool, thanks Bro. Greg! Check out his pics on his blog at

I will be setting up an additional site/blog, where I will post more of a catalog...I suppose I will use this site as my fun look at what I have done, what is going on, upcomming...etc. I just love the polka dots and can't give them up! I have to admit that the wordpress site has a lot more features that will allow me to create the look of a catalog website...but there are no polka dots! haha...

Well hopefully in the next few days I will be true to my word, I have put it in print so now I am acountable! yikes! here goes 2008!

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