Friday, June 12, 2009

In home boutique party

I am so excited to have the very first Ruby Loop in home boutique party! It has been something I have been thinking and thinking and thinking about for a long time now, and this one just kind of fell in my lap....Yeah Kelly!

So, I am going to RUN with it and make them official business! I hope to never hear again, "I don't remember what's in her closet."

Totally informal is my plan. Just loads of bright, loopy, polka dotty, princess, Big mama, Big, Couture BOWS!!! I will see how this first gathering of friends turns out and let you all know.

Of course I headed over to my favorite web site, Vista Print and ordered me up fliers, brochures, invites, business cards...DOOR PRIZE SLIPS...we love FREEbies!

Click on the image to see it a bit larger...not sure how well the details are showing up here...

Call or facebook me to set up your show date!

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